If you are reading this, I believe Spirit is guiding you.  And I believe if Spirit guides you to me for a reading then there is a message you are to hear.  I offer the following services:

Communication with the Other Side
We have all experienced loss. As you read my blog you will understand I am familiar with the despair the loss of a loved one can bring. Spirit willing, a visit from a loved one through a Medium such as myself, can bring comfort, closure, and validation that your loved one is safe and happy on the Other Side. 
Spirit works from a different dimension, or vibration, so there is really no need for me to meet with you in person to perform a reading, although I'm happy to do do. But I can easily be the conduit for any information Spirit wishes you to have through a phone or even                                                                    the computer.
                                    An Angel Reading  is: $65.00.


Are you seeking insight to make your life journey a little easier? Do you have questions guidance from Spirit might answer? Explore your options with an intuitive tarot reading. It's amazing what the cards can tell you! In person or over the phone, Spirit is effective with either form of communication, offering clarity and perception for your journey.
An Intuitive Tarot Reading is: $55.00
Do you have a question you need answered? Just a nudge to validate your own gut instinct? A difficult choice to make? In your own mind ask Spirit the question then email me with 'Mini Email Reading' in the subject line. I will send you a 3 card guidance reading via email within 24 hours. 
Choose your reading then contact me at:



Call or text me at:
for the fastest response!

Disclaimer: For Guidance & Enlightenment & Entertainment Purposes only! I should never be confused as a , psychologist or licensed professional. Once you purchase a Session you agree to this disclaimer.  My readings are strictly for understanding and  healing.  Use my Advice as a Guide.
Many Blessings.
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