If you are this, I believe Spirit is guiding you.  And I believe if Spirit guides you to me for a reading then there is a message you are to hear.  Spirit works from a different dimension, or , so there is really no need for me to be  with you in person to read if time and distance  makes that impossible.  I can easily be there with any information Spirit has for you through a phone or the .   I offer the following services:

with the Other Side
We have all experienced loss. As you read my blog you will understand I am familiar with the despair the loss of a loved one can bring. Spirit willing, a visit from a loved one through a Medium such as myself, can bring comfort, closure, and peace in knowing that your loved one is safe and happy on the Other Side. 
          An Angel Reading  is: $85.00.


Are you  insight to your life journey a little easier? Do you have about the direction you're heading? Guidance from Spirit might help clarify those issues. Explore your  options  with an intuitive . It's amazing what the cards can tell you! In person or over the phone, Spirit is effective with either form, offering and perception for your journey.
An Intuitive is: $55.00
Do you have a question you need answered? Just a nudge to your own instinct? A choice to make? In your own mind ask Spirit the question then me (karensangelreadings@gmail.com )with Mini in the subject line and the question you're seeking guidance on. I will send you a 3 card mini    within 24 hours. 

reading then at:



or text me at:

for the quickest response!

Disclaimer: For Guidance & & Entertainment Purposes only! I should never be confused as a , or licensed professional. Once you purchase a Session you agree to this disclaimer.  My readings are strictly for understanding and  healing.  Use my Advice as a Guide.
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