We all have some degree of psychic ability. We've known the phone would ring before it actually did and sensed who was calling. We've all experienced that heavy feeling of dread before receiving bad news, or perhaps had a dream that later came true.  For many years I'd accepted all this without really thinking about it. Until my nephew died and then came for a visit, shaking me out of my perceived reality and opening the door to Awareness and Spirit. A new dimension that is mysterious, fascinating, and wondrous. I am honored to be of service by bringing comfort and peace to another's journey with messages from Spirit. My service is based on the belief that my client's needs are of the utmost importance. I have been called by Spirit to do this work and am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from client referrals, for which I am truly grateful.
Please take the time to read some of my blog and learn more about me and my journey as I walk with Spirit.
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Disclaimer: For Spiritual Guidance & Enlightenment & Entertainment Purposes only! I should never be confused as a medical doctor, psychologist or licensed health care professional. Once you purchase a Session you agree to this disclaimer.  My readings are strictly for spiritual understanding and  healing.  Use my Advice as a Guide.
Many Blessings.
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