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Merry Christmas 2016

Dec. 24, 2016

With the end of the year approaching I see many people looking back, re-evaluating, reassessing, rethinking the past year.  Doing our would have, could have, should haves. And I pray we all can find some positive from the lessons  experienced.

Many lessons are hard. Difficult times where you stumble and fall. But you get back up and you put one foot in front of the other and move forward. You keep getting back up and you keep moving forward until you've made yourself into the best you can be. Until the best of you is what you see when you look in a mirror. Until  you understand, love and respect who you see when you look in that mirror. You just keep picking yourself up and moving forward til you get there. 

I'm wishing you the happiest of holidays, the merriest Christmas, and many many blessings in the coming year. 

Spread the Happy!

Sept. 25,2016

You aren't happy. When I look at your face I see a beautiful but unhappy young woman. It makes me unhappy to see you unhappy. See how that works? You get back what you give out.  Why not give out happy? If you did everyone who loves you would be so happy for you, then that happy would spread to the people who love them who are happy to see them happy, then it spreads again and again. There'd be too much happy going around to be contained. That's how it works. And it all starts with you. Find a reason to be happy, about something, anything, yourself, someone else, but find a reason every day. Make it a life priority. It's that important, that vital with your well being. You are the creator of your life. Create a happy one. Take charge. Be responsible for the life you live. Create the happy. Spread the joy. 

Love is the Answer


Love is the answer, the only answer when voicing a difference of opinion, disciplining a child, or trying to reason with a rebellious teen or a disgruntled spouse. Words spoken lovingly, and with compassion and acknowledgement of another's feelings are much easier to hear, and give, when stemming from love. Love of another spiritual being having a human experience, making human mistakes. Be kind. Be loving. Be grateful for the experience.

One Day at a Time


One day at a time, one healthy positive choice at a time. You did the best you could with who you were at the time. You'll do better with who you are now and who you have yet to be. It's a lifelong process. A process you charted. Because you had stuff to overcome, lessons to learn, growth to experience. So for now, take it one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow until it's here. That is soon enough. And in the future when you get the day to day stuff under control, then it's time to think ahead on goals you want to achieve. But sometimes all you can do is take it one day at a time.

Discovering Angels


                                                                                     Discovering Angels

Angels. I know they've always been around me but when did I begin to really be aware of them? Actually communicate with them? Use their guidance in my life?
I really began working with the angels almost thirteen years ago, shortly after my nephew's death. It was gradual for me, a small urge to explore, to read about Spirit and the Angels and Guides. To discover and learn. What, I wasn't sure, I just knew I wanted something more. I read various books by different authors, different perspectives on life and death. I did what we should all do when growing and learning, take what's true for you, absorb what resonates in your heart and your gut, and discard the rest. Everyone is different and learns and absorbs in their own way. No one way is right, no one way is wrong. 
Once you ask for help from Spirit be ready to hear their guidance in the various ways and signs it comes through. Allow yourself to imagine or visualize what an Angel looks like to you. Does he or she come to you in a physical form? Or is it a feeling, a subtle shift in your thinking? Or a warm soft light? They are your Angels. They can come through in whatever sign you're most comfortable with. When you're relaxed and aware you will know. Allow them in. Enjoy their presence. Absorb their love and compassion. 
I first became aware of Dagan, one of several Angels I communicate with on a regular basis, on Halloween more than 12 years ago, just before six in the evening. I'd just shut down my computer at work, readying to leave for the day, when the phone rang. I really didn't want to answer it but the manager was still there! It was a man wanting to make an appointment to bring his car in for service. I booted up the computer, made him an appointment, and left the shop a few minutes later than I normally do. On my normal route home there'd been a bad accident at an intersection now swarming with police and ambulances and wrecked vehicles. I pulled over to the side of the road and cried. 
I knew without knowing just how I knew that I'd have been smack dab in the middle of all that if I'd left work on time. I was overwhelmed and eternally grateful for Mr. Dagan Fluke for saving my life by needing an oil change for his car. I drove home and then gave out candy to trick or treaters with a thoroughly grateful heart. 
I really wasn't suprised when Mr. Fluke didn't show up for his appointment the next day. I just knew it was no coincidence his calling at the particular time. I just knew it. And now I had to learn what to do with that knowledge. 

The Mantis, the Antelope & the Owl


It was an eventful day as far as Spirit offering guidance, if only I would see it. The first was the Praying Mantis I saw on the window seal at work. She was quite large and gazing out the window glass. I wondered what did she see? Mantis can reveal secrets unknown to guide you through life. Resting in her prayer-like attitude she indicates seeking the stillness found through meditation can bring clarity, even prophecy, to your future. Showing up as my Guide she cautions beauty and ugliness is only skin deep. Look carefully below the surface, to the behavior, not the appearance. Something to think about.

The next guidance came from Antelope. On a short drive outside of town I spotted him grazing on a hillside. He raised his head, seemed to look right at me, and calmly went back to eating the short grass. Antelope can see a great distance. His pronghorns speak of an opening to intuition and awareness. His large eyes allow for a wide angle of vision. His message speaks of psychic abilities, awareness, clarity. New opportunities tend to show up when Antelope appears. Opportunities to grow quickly with little effort. Interesting.

Up next came Owl. The magnificent and powerful Owl. I'd just pulled out a chair and sat down in this clearing I'd pulled into. The sun was just setting. The sky the most glorious painting of colors. I was awed. And overhead circling was Owl. It wasn't a quick flight and disappearance. He soared above my head for several minutes, coming closer, circling out. I was unable to take my eyes off his magnificent flight. Owl holds many meanings, from magic, omens, and of course great wisdom, to healing and even death depending on the individual's understanding and awareness of the message received. To me, Owl is one of the most powerful totems. I get a great sense of healing when he shows up in my life. The first time was just four years ago after the birth of my granddaughter. The first time he brought great hope and healing. I trust he will do the same now. He stayed long and circled often, and when he did fly away he came back. And did so again. I thought about the struggles so many of my loved ones were experiencing just now and I prayed, no I knew, Owl was the fore-runner of great healing. For us all. 

I gave great thanks to God, the Universe, and all its glorius guides for this great blessing. I drove home with peace in my heart.

I Open My Heart


I open my heart to love
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to joy
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to kindness
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to acceptance
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to love
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to hurt
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to pain
I open my heart to life
I open myself to love
I open myself to life.

Living Healthy


We are all going to die someday. That's an absolute. How we walk the journey and in what shape we arrive at that final destination is totally up to us. We charted our end date and allowed for lots of options and many choices between birth and then. You can cross over to the Other Side feeling good about life and yourself. Or you can arrive there sick and miserable from doing all that you shouldn't like smoking and drinking and drugs and eating junk food and not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep. Your choice. Your journey. You create the
life you live with your thoughts and feelings and actions.
I needed this reminder. I choose to live healthier!

Journey to Be


I journeyed. I found myself sitting cross-legged in a meadow, glorious colored flowers all around me. I could hear a brook flowing nearby. I felt myself grounded to Mother Earth, yet open to the Heavens above. I was all of one, I was one of all. I drifted and found myself at the entrance to the canyon leading to the waterfall. As I started down the path, Eagle swooped me up. I hung on tightly as we flew from earth to sky, to midnight stars and glowing worlds. Imagine. Trust. Embrace. Believe. You have no limits. Soar. The guidance and love flowed around me and through me. Believe. We settled at the top of the waterfall gazing around at the glorious landscape, the deep canyon walls, the pockets of green growth and wildflowers, the sparkle of the waterfall in the sunlight. Suddenly, and without fear, I dove over the side of the waterfall into the pool below. Grandmother Turtle greeted me with her knowing gaze of wisdom. I remember other lifetimes, similar searches for guidance and wisdom. I climbed onto Boulder, closed my eyes, felt the warmth radiate from its smooth surface, and a sense that I'd been there before rose around me and in me. Trust yourself, it seemed to whisper. You know. I opened my eyes and Bear was beside me with welcome, acceptance and love in his eyes. Then suddenly Cobra burst forth and sprung from the water and I knew change was coming. I knew to let go of fear and accept. I was reminded I was a Spiritual Being having a human experience and sometimes that experience sucked, sometimes it was wonderfully special. The time to let go of the old and unneeded was here. It was time to embrace the change. To grow, to learn, to be.

Don't Let Happiness Befuddle You!


Don’t let happiness befuddle you. Don’t question it like is this for real, what have I done to deserve this, can I trust what I’m feeling? Instead just snap it up! Claim it for yourself. Just allow yourself to embrace the feeling of happiness. Whether it comes from something big like a new house or a new job, or from something more basic like being happy it didn't rain last night because you're sleeping outside in the elements, to something in between like being happy to have a job, a place to sleep, and food to eat. Or perhaps you feel the happiness in a rainbow, or the softly falling snow, or even a hot cup of coffee. Whatever,whenever, don’t let the happiness befuddle you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Happiness is yours for the taking. Find it in the big and the small, in the giving and the taking, in all of life, in every day. Embrace the joy of just living. And if for some reason you find it impossible to find one thing to be happy about at this time, then pretend as if….behave as if…believe as if….until you do.  

Shower It Away!


I thought someone was going to have to come and drag me out of the shower, but eventually the water turned cold. I stood under the warm spray of water and just imagined the negativity being washed away. I imagined any angers and fears I was holding onto being cleansed from my body and mind. I closed my eyes and saw the gray of negativity going down the drain. I felt lighter, brighter, as I released the irritations, annoyances, and resentments I felt for anybody or anything at any time including now. And that’s when I thought someone would have to drag me from the shower, it felt so good I didn’t want to leave. But the water got cold. 

The cleansing shower spray is just one exercise I use to release tension and negativity. It's easy and it works! Shower it away today!



Be honest, especially with yourself. Be accountable for your thoughts and actions, especially  with yourself. If you say you're going to do something, then do it. Don't lie even to yourself, especially to yourself. Keep your thoughts positive and true to create a positive and true life. You are your thoughts. You're thoughts are what you allow them to be. Keep them positive, happy and true to attract positive, happy and true! I know, easier said than done, right? But it does get easier with time, with practice, with are a spiritual being having a human experience, deep down in your memories you are positive, happy and true. Practice brings  awareness. Awareness brings love and compassion and you remember you are a spiritual being. You are all that is positive, happy and true. 



I am young. I am eternity. When I realized the enormity of that concept, I understood I would never grow old. No matter what, I would never not be. It boggles the mind! And if that was the case, there had to be more to my existence than this life at this time on this planet in this Universe. Right? Just had to be more. Eternity was forever. It was never ending. What did I do before I was me in this lifetime? As far as I could remember, I had only existed for 62 years. That was far short of eternity. Who was I? Where had I been before? And what would I do, be, experience, after this particular lifetime ended? 

Embrace the Change

Nov. 23, 2014

Some things just come to an end. They just end. It hurts sometimes when you are going through the transition, hurts bad, but you get through it, you move on, you learn and grow from the experience. That is life. Things end. Things begin. One cycle stops and another begins. All parts and cycles of this journey called life. As you become aware of the cycles and transitions in your journey, you don't worry or fear the changes as much. Some things, careers, relationships, even dreams were meant to last forever. Others were. All life. It doesn't mean some things were wrong to start with, but with time and growth life happens and things change. Embrace the change. The only constant in life is change.

Self-forgiveness Again


Healing starts with self-forgiveness. Most hurt and anger come from a need to forgive oneself. Not the horrific pain of being a victim of violence and abuse, or that of losing a loved one, but the hurt and pain that results from our everyday life and choices. Even if we don't feel at fault in that instance, we question ourselves. Was I too harsh? Was I not understanding or compassionate enough? Was I too quick to judge? Too slow to forgive? Was I holding onto some perverse need for retaliation or vengeance? Until we can forgive ourselves and our human emotions we can't begin to heal. Try it: allow yourself to love yourself, allow yourself to forgive yourself, allow yourself to heal.

A Journey

A Journey from 07.14.2010

I finished my yoga then put Brooke Medicine Eagle’s cd in and danced to a couple of songs. I stayed in the moment really feeling the energy of the deep yoga breathing and the flow of the music around and inside me. I burned some sage and honored the four directions--north, south, east and west==and the above, below and within. I asked Spirit, and my angels and my guides to accompany  me during my journey. I put in my drumming cd:

Almost immediately I was at my sacred spot. I moved in a circle and looked all around me. I really saw the jagged canyon, the plateaus of high desert grass, and the colorful  wildflowers growing in the most unlikely places. I was drawn to Boulder and sat on his warm surface. “We've been here before,” Boulder  reminded me. “Many, many years ago.”  I was transported to the lifetime he referred to.

I killed the mammoth without hesitation, without thought because my family had to eat.  I saw myself, at the point of kill, giving thanks to Mammoth and his Spirit as he took his last breath. I was honored by his sacrifice.  “Go, “ Boulder  said, “and take my energy with you.” 

I walked along the path and spotted Raven and Crow, perched together on another large stone in a tall cliffside. The gifts of mystery and prophecy are what we offer you, they said. I could see. I could feel.   But there was so much still for  me to learn.

As I turned to walk further, Bear appeared. “Climb on,” he said and I did and we flew up and beyond to the top of the waterfall. I hugged Bear and gazed into his eyes.  “Love and compassion and family ties you draw from me. Use this power wisely.”

As a breeze blew around me I saw a man drawing closer. He had black, long dark hair and a colorful headdress. I was mesmerized and felt a bond, though I’d never seen him before.  I did not know what he wanted but I did know it would be something I needed. Love, guidance, hope, awareness. 

Suddenly a  myriad of butterflies were dancing all around me. I felt such love and acceptance. It was a great journey.

Poem for Peace


A beautiful sunrise, a shooting star
Bright, colorful flowers near and far
A world of beauty and peace.

No bias, no hatred, no cruelty, no abuse
No suffering or lost hope, no despair and no fear
A world of joy and bright cheer.

Love, understanding, compassion and kindness
Gentleness and strength and acceptance
Inside, all around, below and above
A world of equality and love.

My hope and prayer for us all.
May there be peace in all peoples' hearts.

Spiritual Growth


We experience growth when we learn to release all the negativity from a past experience. When this happens we feel great! Then something comes along to remind of that painful experience, a friend going through a similar circumstance, a dream, even something as simple as a song on the radio, and those feelings of negativity and defeat return. When we recognize what's happening we can quickly clear out negativity and release it, understanding it is no longer real, it is the past and over and done. We bring our awareness back to the present and the life we are creating now. This spiritual growth is a big part of our journey. I find it easier to deal with life's lessons with a regular meditation practice and chakra clearing. Learning to quiet the mind and clear the body of negative energies brings us more in align with our spiritual journey. Blessings my friends.

Choosing to be Happy


Even in the worst of times, there comes a point where you become aware you grow tired of not being happy, won’t there? At that point you choose to be happy. Every day you find some reason, no matter how small it might be, to feel happy about. And you do that every day until one day you suddenly realize you are happy. And you admit you like the feeling. So you choose to stay happy. And you consciously make that choice until it becomes a way of life. And you learn to recognize the red flags to unhappiness and you choose not to go that route. You like where you are. You pay attention. You notice the signs, the synchronicities, the sheer joy of life. You learn to listen to the help: your guides, your angels, your instinct. And you choose to be happy. 
Sometimes it’s hard, but aren’t most things worth having deserving of the extra effort? 
Choose to be happy. 
It’s life. 

The Big Dream


The journey was powerful. I began by sitting on Boulder near the waterfall. It was snowing, really snowing. It had never snowed when I journeyed before. The snow was covering everything in a blanket of pure white. It was beautiful and I wasn't cold. Weird. Boulder advised me to welcome the change, to absorb the beauty of change. I noticed the river was bigger and wider between here and the waterfall. Go on, Boulder said, there is still a path, just a different path. I found the path and walked back to the waterfall, along different ground but I wasn't scared. The waterfall was bigger and wider, extending along the cliff-side. The falls sparkled like rainbow gemstones in the sunlight. White flakes fell gently around me as Bear approached. We wrestled playfully for a few moments, happy to see one another again. Unicorn flew in, blue tipped wings fluttering softly, blue eyes alight with welcome and joy. For awhile I just stood quietly between my friends, absorbing the love and beauty around me. A large bird flew in and landed close by. A bird of many colored feathers. She was colorful, playful and free. Allow the Universe to supply abundantly, she preened. Welcome the prosperity. Receive gracefully. Be abundant in your gratefulness. Buffalo thundered in, ready and willing to help. I had so much support. Remember your dream, they advised. The Big Dream. Remember and study your dream. 

I did. Suddenly and vividly as if I were in the midst of the dream once again. Spider, big, black and hairy, no, huge, black and hairy had hold of my leg and was about to devour me. I screamed and cried out for help. I knew I would die but I worried about the children around me. There were many, of all different ages and sizes. One in particular caught my eye, an adorable baby girl. I felt a connection at once, as I looked into her smiling eyes. She rolled over and I saw her turtle back. She was a turtle baby. What did it mean, I wondered. Study and learn, my animal guides advised. 

I found myself back on boulder. I'm changed. I'm different, I said. Not at the core of you, he reminded me. There, you are still who you were even eons ago. Remember the love, God's love. I felt so at peace.

Meeting Vulture

I journeyed and asked Spirit for help and guidance, to learn how to make path I was on go more smoothly, to learn what I needed to allow my readings for people be more accurate, more compassionate, more intuitive. I was suddenly at the waterfall and my animal totem, Bear, was there. We visited and he told me that he would always be there for me, but sometimes one needed guidance from a different direction and I was to meet a new guide. Who? I wondered and was told to have patience. I waited, curbing my impatience, or trying to, and allowed my eyes to scan the area, searching for my new Spirit guardian. I understood, somehow I just knew, that the daily exercise and meditation, the commitment to live a more peaceful and compassionate life, the desire to help others, had brought me to a shift in the direction of my life. Change was good, I knew. It allowed one to grow, evolve, to learn from our choices and decisions and move forward, to positive and better. Suddenly a large bird appeared overhead, its wingspan huge, creating a shadow over my head. Vulture. I had seen him once before and after the sighting my life changed dramatically. It was about to again. Vulture’s appearance signaled purification. Death and Rebirth. Big change. A new relationship between Spirit and me. A deeper understanding of the bigger picture. I suddenly felt a throbbing, a light tightening between my brows, at my third eye. I told myself it was ok to let go, to just relax and let go, to trust Spirit. And I was floating through a maze of stars. It went on and on to maybe forever. I could see the web of life, the cosmic web, that intricate, beautiful, awesome connection between all. We are all connected and there is only One.

After my Journey I pulled a few cards from my Shaman Tarot deck. I pulled the 5 of Cups, represented by the Earthworm, and indicating working old ground. Since it was in the past position I understood that’s what all the remembering, reflecting, and finally rejecting old memories and hurts. I was working through old ground. Now it was time to move forward.
I then pulled the Tower card, representing in this deck by the Vulture, signifying life, death, rebirth and new vision. And the final card I pulled was the Queen of Cups, represented by Cricket, and signifying intuition and power of Belief.

I was stunned by the Synchronicity and the working of Spirit. I gave thanks for the fantastic journey.

(July 28, 2010)

Appreciate the Cook

I drove through a fast food joint for lunch, then later went out for a fairly nice dinner. As I sat there waiting to be served I realized how important it was to me to eat someone else’s cooking. Whether it was grabbing a quick sandwich for lunch, or sitting down to dinner at a place with linen napkins, the food was important to me. Whether I was eating it just to get something inside me, or whether I was savoring every bite, I realized I wanted and needed someone else to cook for me at different times.
I truly appreciate cooks.
Especially the Big Cook, the Original Cook, the One who started this recipe of life. The One who keeps adding ingredients, and taking away others, and sometimes even changing the recipe completely until I’m starting over from scratch. The Great Cook who keeps my life spicey and sweet and yes, pretty sour at times. It’s a flavorful stew I’m living in and I’ve learned to appreciate that.
So I honor the Great Cook of all things. And I humbly express my appreciation.
And I appreciate all the cooks He created.
Thank you.

I Can Handle It

I imagine how it went:
God: Are you sure about this, Karen?
Me: I am.
God: You will experience heartache and despair and disappointment. But you will also experience great joy. You’ll experience marriage….and divorce. A couple times. You’ll have children and learn the ever bumpy road of parenthood. Not an easy task by itself. But that’s not all. You’ll have physical pain too, a few surgeries. Then there’s addictions, you and your loved ones will battle. And such lean times you’ll find yourself utilizing the local pawn shop. Are you absolutely sure you’re ready for this?
Me: I am. Trust me. I can handle it.
And here I am…….

Agree to Disagree

For days, no weeks now, this song keeps going through my head. Probably because so many people I‘ve talked to lately have conflicts going in their lives. Most are disagreements over choices one made in the past that the other still doesn't agree with. So this song pops in my head, don’t remember who sang it, but these words seem to sum things up.
There ain’t no good guys
There ain't no bad guys
There’s only you and me
And we just disagree.
And you know what? That's really all right. It's all right to have a different opinion, a different way of looking at the same situation.
When I find myself in a discussion over a choice I’d made, I understand you may not see it my way. I understand you might totally disagree with my way of thinking. But I’m still entitled to my point of view. As are you. That doesn't make you right. It doesn’t make me wrong. It just makes us different. I understand that even if you could sway me to your way of thinking with these discussions, it doesn’t really matter.
The past can not be changed.
The choice was made and its done. Would I make the same choice now with the perspective and understanding I have now? Maybe not. But maybe I would.  So I accept the decision and the consequences and move on from it.
It's really the only choice there is.
The past can not be changed.
Agree to disagree and move on. Life changes. Life flows. Life’s constantly moving. Getting stuck on one issue inhibits your flow, builds a dam, and breaks down growth.
Agree to disagree.
And really mean it.

I Saw A Road

I saw a road ahead of me, a long and winding road
A road never ending with its twists and turns and curves and hills and flats.
I saw a road.
I traveled it.
There was much to see and do along the way
But just when I thought I'd put the worst of the journey behind me
Another hill would appear.
Some of the hills seemed like mountains
 Bigger than Everest and harder to climb
 With dark places and pitfalls and fears.
I continued my journey.
I saw a road.
A road called Life
A road with sights and sounds I could never imagine
Of joy and peace and love.
A road with sights and sounds I could never imagine
Of cruely, violence and hate.
I saw a road, never-ending
A road I called Life.

We are One

I may have posted this poem before but it doesn't matter. I wrote it and I like it. I call it my power poem and I say it whenever I need to remind myself that there is only One, that we are individual parts of one whole. That God is in each and every single living thing.
He is the apple and the tree
He is the flower and the bee
He is the rock and the sea
And He is you
And He is me
And we are One.

Feel Your Guidance

Goodbye 2012! What a year, huh? A tumultuous, volatile year for many, some close to me, others I don't even know. Someone told me it was a year of releasing and I could see that. Family disagreements escalated to volcanic eruptions. Mother Earth released her upsets with earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and droughts. People just didn't seem to like people, yet so many were searching for the one true love. It was a very conflicting, confusing, yet oddly clarifying year. I know I worked through some issues, and believe I learned from them. Because that's our job here on earth, all of us, to experience, then learn and grow from those experiences into loving, compassionate human beings. And it's not always easy to be loving and compassionate when you see all the destruction and violence and pain and abuse going on all around you. In fact it's very hard most of the time. But I've learned it is easier when I feel and follow my guidance.
Some people call it instinct, gut feeling, others their voice or that whisper in their ear, I call it My Guidance from God that makes life easier...if I listen to it. I am much better at listening than I used to be when I all but blocked it completely out while going about living my life and making my mistakes. Eventually I got tired of making the mistakes, especially similar ones over and over, and I began to study and learn what my Guidance from God was trying to tell me, whether through it came through my guides and the Angels in the form of instinct, gut feeling, or a voice in my head that sounded like me but wasn't. I learned and appreciated the difference guidance made in my life. And I finally admitted that I wasn't smart enough, brave enough, or stupid enough to keep stumbling along on this journey as I had been. I gratefully accepted the help from Spirit, those wiser, smarter, and more loving and compassionate than me.
So I say goodbye to 2012 remembering the many blessings I'd gotten this year, and letting go of any disappointments and fear.
And there are some things that hurt and confuse more than others and I spend this day remembering also the children of Newton, Conn and their loved ones with this poem:
You were here such a short time before you left
But you left great memories of time well spent
Memories of laughter and joy and tears
As you lived and grew through those way too short years
A lifetime of memories it turns out now
A lifetime of memories in just a short while
They will see you again, someday, somehow
They will see you again....just not now.
Rest In Peace

Spider's Message

I saw Spider. He had a message for me. I just had to figure out what it was. So I researched Spider and learned a few things. To the Native Americans, Spider is the Grandmother, the link to the past and the future.
Spider has a two section body, kind of like the figure 8 on its side, the symbol of Infinity. It teaches one that what you do now is weaving what you encounter in the future. Spider, within its web, reminds one that we all are the center of our own world, the author of our destiny, weaving it like a web by our thoughts and feelings and actions. The pattern of Spider’s web is like a central point spiraling outwards. It asks are you moving towards a goal, or are you energies and focus scattered? Are you not weaving your dreams into reality? Are you, or others around you out of balance?
As Spider walks the tiny threads of his web, he reminds us to maintain balance in our own lives as we weave our path through life.
Spider flies through skies on silken threads, knowing the time has come to expand one’s horizons. Because Spider sees the world through touch, not light, he consels one to take wisdom from that you cannot see. See the world through new eyes, a new perspective.
A lot to think about, huh?

Mama Told Me

Mama told me there'd be times like this. Times when you really have to search for the positive in the day, the good in a situation. Sometimes those days stretch into a week or even longer, and I'd wonder why I had charted this particular experience. And I'd look around me and see my family and friends going through difficult times and I'd wonder what in God's name had they been thinking to chart the stuff they had!  I've noticed the first 6 months of 2012 has been trying for so many people. Illnesses, struggles, death. Job losses, arguments, disillusionments. And my little circle is no different from anyone else's. It doesn't take more than listening to the news or reading the headlines to understand that the 2012 Shift affects us all. I believe it's vital now to work even harder to live life with love and compassion, for all others and even myself. I need the understanding and forgiveness love brings, the hope and faith that new opportunites are near to experience the joy and harmony my Spirit craves.
Many Blessings

A Bumpy Ride in 2012

I had a feeling 2012 would bring about a lot of changes for a lot of people, many countries, the world. I didn’t realized those changes would occur so quickly in my own little part of the universe. I have loved ones suffering and in pain emotionally and physically. There’s been separations, traumatic stress, and disappointments happening all at once. Laughter’s been short, and money even tighter.
Rains, floods, tornadoes and blizzards have hit various areas from north to south and east to west. Children are being hurt worldwide. The political arena is just heating up and we will be bombarded by that nonsense for months to come. Football season is nearly over.
It’s only January!
2012 will be a bumpy year, folks. But, I’ve been wrong before. I hope I am now. Many Blessings to you all.
I wish I could have seen the Northern Lights this past week. Maybe some other time.

A Sign from Owl

The ending of a year, a new one beginning, the shedding of the old and the embracing of the new, old memories revisited, new ones in the making. There’s an excitement in the air, an eager energy felt outside, and within. 2012. I’ve said it before and I say it again: Bring it on! I am ready to continue this journey I started, to keep trying to stay on the path that’s right for me, to fulfill the chart I’d written before I was even born. I’m looking forward to this year. I feel in me and around me, a shift, a change, an openness to experience the new, a new day, a new sunrise, a new thought, a new feeling. I’m excited about life and my journey.
The latter part of 2011 had it’s moments, it’s difficult lessons. The most worrisome being the premature birth of my granddaughter. Entering this world at a mere pound certainly caused this grandma stress and anxiety and concern for my son and his wife and their path ahead. But even during the worry I experienced some good and learned quite a bit.
Shortly after Avery Grace was born, my sister came for a visit and found me on the verge of a complete meltdown. One evening we took a drive into the Boise Foothills to look at the stars, one of my favorite ways to regroup and relax. As I looked up at the vast unending sky, strongly feeling a connection to the One and Everything, I asked for a sign that the baby would be alright. On the drive home, as we wound down the mountain and came around a curve I had to suddenly stop. There, standing in the middle of the road, was a huge great Owl. It’s bright gold eyes staring right at me it seemed and I knew this was my sign. I just had to figure out what it meant.
I researched the Owl and as usual for me, I took what I read and learned and held onto that which resonated with me, that which had meaning for me. I learned Owl Medicine had great healing power. I learned courage and ferocity were qualities of the great Owl, enabling him to survive and adapt. Owl attacks life with a fervor. The yellow coloring of the eyes was symbolic, hinting of the light of the sun alive in the dark of the night.
When I felt a peace come over me, an inner knowledge that although the battle may be hard, Avery would overcome the difficult beginning, Owl flew away. Now six months later, at 8lbs. 4oz. Avery Grace is home with her family and progressing and healing quite well and all of us are feeling very blessed to have her in our life. Myself? Well I can’t help but wonder what else she has to teach us!
Many Blessings to you all in 2012.

Our Grace from God

You can’t help but wonder why some things happen. It’s a natural reaction when something happens that causes you worry and stress, and doubts and fears, to question why me? Why us? Why is this happening to my family?
Two months ago my son and daughter-in-law were blessed, quite prematurely, with a one pound baby daughter. I’ve watched this tiny bundle of God’s Grace fight with a strength her tiny body can’t contain to stay here on earth with us. Her determination and feistiness spreads out and touches everyone who comes into contact with her as she overcomes obstacle after obstacle, setback after setback and thrives from the challenges. At nearly 3lbs now she is our Grace from God and we are all truly blessed to witness her journey and have her in our lives.
Yet I wonder what we, her parents, grandparents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who already love her, are to learn from her battle? I know there is something for each and every one of us to grow from, to learn from, as we pray and hope and trust in her continued health and well-being. Some lessons are harder than others, they hurt more and change you in a more significant way, brining you from who you were to who you are meant to be.
I look forward to whatever little Avery Grace has come to teach me.

Reading for Spirit

I did four readings yesterday and afterward, while I was sitting and quieting my mind, giving thanks to God, the Universe and the Angels for their help and guidance, I examined my feelings about my readings. How did I feel? Or, how does giving a reading for someone make me fee? Oh Gosh! I am honestly so humbled by the grace of Spirit and their allowing me to do this, their trusting me, little ol' me!, to get their message across with accuracy and compassion. It is totally scary awesome! Not only am I honored and amazed, but I understand the great responsibility involved in trusting that I'm getting the message right, that I'm communicating effectively the 'feel' of the message, is it about love, or forgiveness, or trust, or even sorrow or regret. It's taking care to make sure my reading area is clean and free of negative energies so I can give a compassionate and insightful reading. It's making sure I keep myself spiritually balanced and open to Spirit's communication. It's giving thanks and being grateful for being able to serve Spirit. It's understanding that I am but a tool and that part of my job is to spread the word that anyone, yes anyone! can hear and receive Spirit's guidance too!

A Reading that Lingers

I did a reading for a man yesterday. Quite often I forget the reading when it's over. Something might stick in my mind but usually I pass on any insights or information for the person and then I'm done. But occasionally something will linger, an energy stays with me longer, leaving impressions and feelings. This man was already a sensitive man, but he is about to become more so. More sensitive, more compassionate, even kinder, learning, growing, and evolving as one should on their  life journey. I find myself excited for him and the path he has begun! Good luck and Many Blessings.


Every now and then when you’re being really lucky a friendship comes along that lasts beyond a lifetime. One that sees you through the very deepest lows and the most euphoric highs of your life. One that’s there to tell you when you’re being stupid, and doesn’t hesitate to say I told you so. Because she’s your friend. I had that with Carol. We laughed hard together, cried hard together, played hard together. We raised our kids together and held each other through some trying times when those kids were living their lives and making their own mistakes and learning their own lessons. I know she took secrets to the grave with her, as I will take my own. Because we’re that kind of friend.
I held her hand when she died and felt the peace fill her body as she released its struggles and reached out for the Other Side. I was honored to be with her at the end of this cycle and the beginning of her next. I know she’ll be one of the first to greet me when my time comes to cross into Heaven. This wasn’t our first lifetime together, nor our last. And because I know the veil between this world and Home is quite thin, I know she isn’t far. And I’ll be waiting for her visit.

Love. Let me count the ways!

Love. Let me count the ways! There are many many kinds of love but the one that really matters is unconditional love. Like the love I have for my sons and their families, my brother and sisters, a few very close friends. It is totally complete and completely unconditional. Do we always agree on everything? No. Do we like every single thing about each other? No. But there is nothing they could do that would make me stop loving them. When I realized, truly knew and understood, that God loved me in just the same way, it was one of the happiest days of my life.
Do I love everyone? I work really hard at it. And it's become easier once I understood I could love the Spirit, the true self, and not like the person. I discovered the more love I give, the more love I feel. The more love I feel, the more love I receive. The more love I receive, the happier I am. The happier I am, the closer I feel to God. The closer I feel to God, the more love I'm able to give. A wonderful, exciting, circular journey.


Well, I made the same mistake yet again! And I'm beating myself up over it. God, please let this be the time I finally learn! Because if it isn't and I don't grow from it, I know I'll just repeat it once again! And I really really don't want to do that. And no, I'm not going to tell you what this particular mistake of mine is, at least not until I'm sure I've corrected it. I'm going to get quiet and in the silence seek the answers. Why this particular mistake? What am I to learn from it? What do I need to do not to repeat it again? The answers, as always, are inside me. I just have to have the willingness to seek and the honesty to face what I find. And the love to forgive myself.
Many Blessings.

Pay It Forward

I met a woman the other day who had a van she no longer needed. She was getting any needed repairs and maintenence done on it then giving it away to a woman she'd heard was needed transportation. I asked her if this woman was a relative or friend. She said no. She'd heard about her from a friend of a friend, adding: "I have been blessed in my; life and am now in a position to be able to do this. You know, Pay It Forward."
My heart swelled and I started to cry. How wonderfully beautiful. What a prime example of showing compassion to another human being. How great to live in tune with the loving Spirit who guides us. I admired her tremendously.
In my own life I've been the recepient of another's generous giving and I've given whenever I can. At times I've found myself with the bills paid and a few extra dollars in my pocket and was thankful to be able to give to someone in need. I've also had times when I've been down to no money and very little food when some kind and compassionate soul stepped in to help me over that nasty bump in my journey. Without those unfortunate times that forced me to grow and learn and live smarter, I wouldn't have experienced the joy of Spirit swelling within me those times I am able to give the same gift to someone else. So, my friends, Pay It Forward, whatever you give you will receive so much more in return.
I am blessed.

I charted this mess!

Once again I asked myself, my guides and my angels, "Are you sure I charted this mess????" And once again the answer was a resounding YES!
I had to remind myself I'd been in God's glory when I charted this life and I already knew I'd be ok. But since the situation seemed so eerily similar I hadn't completely learned whatever lesson I was supposed to yet! So all I had to do was not make the same decisions I might have made in the past, right? Much easier said than done or I wouldn't be facing the same choices once again. I will end up where I'm supposed to be, but the route I take to get there is entirely up to me!
My choices. My decisions. But I don't have to go it alone. I can seek advice from family, friends, my angels and guides, and my spiritual mentors. And my own wiser than me: my Higher Self. All that help and life is still hard, discouraging at times, even sadder still. I can't begin to imagine hard it would be if God hadn't given us these blessed tools just for the asking.
Yep, just ask and listen. But it's hard to hear the answers if your mind and ego are mouthing off! And no, it's not easy being quiet, but it's only when you seek the answer in the silence that you hear.
Since TJ's visit I've worked hard to be quiet! And over the course of learning to meditate I've discovered the silence within and found the journey less painful. But not without its bumps. Some nasty ones too. But that is life. Because you can't appreciate the joy without experiencing the sorrow. You can't be loved without giving love. You can't walk in the light without any shadows.

2011 Bring it on!

I brought in the new year very quietly this year with silence and retrospection.
Though at times I wasn’t aware of it, my spirit has been processing my growth this past year, evaluating my setbacks, and encouraging me to keep moving on. And honestly, what other choice do I have? The journey is what the journey is.
It has been a remarkable year though. I was privileged to help many people find comfort, guidance, and hope with my readings. And I was grateful and honored to deliver Spirit’s messages. I am also thankful for the excitement and inspiration I feel with every reading, the sense of love I feel on a daily basis from Spirit.
I felt all tingly on 1.1.11. And still do. What a powerful date, a powerful number. One. New beginnings, transformation, rebirth, change. Welcome, and frightening, at the same time. Then I looked at the full date: 01.01.2011. Added up to a six, another powerful number. The Lovers card in the Tarot deck. The union of opposites. The bringing together of light and dark, outside and within, the physical and spiritual. A commitment.
I feel an eventful, altering year coming up. I know I want to be awake, aware, and in tune with it. Bring it on!
How about you?

Letting Go of Old Hurts

From journal dated 03.13.05
I was sitting on the couch after my shower, praying and thanking God, asking Him to continue to bless us all, and seeking guidance. I felt a warmth, a peace, and had the sudden insight I was being cleansed. For the past few weeks or longer, various memories would pop into my mind, old feelings of hurt, or anger and confusion, and I would wonder why am I thinking about this? Tonight I realized I was being cleansed  of the old, almost forgotten negativity and unloving thoughts. It wasn't like I even felt I was hanging onto this stuff, I honestly didn't think I was, but it was coming forth, needing me to look at the old hurts with a different eye, with love and compassion. Only then can I really let go.

Finding Joy in the Journey

When I awakened to my spiritual journey, some of the first messages I received were urgings to be good to myself, to love myself, to start doing some of the things I wanted to even if they were goofy, like rolling down a grassy hill, riding a Harley, having a special bracelet made of colorful and meaningful stones. I began to follow those urges, which I now recognize as instinct. My soul was longing for my attention. It knew what I was missing, what I didn’t understand. I had nothing to give until I gave to myself. I wasn’t just to show love and compassion for others, but also to myself. It’s not selfish or self-centered, it just plain saving grace. Because when you start feeling good about yourself and your life then the love begins to overflow, into your family, your friends, your job, everywhere. When your life is aligned with your soul then positive attracts positive and all things are possible.
So be good to yourself and take a bubble bath. Yes, even if you’re a guy! Or take a picnic lunch to the park and a good book. Or just lay back on the ground and find faces in the clouds. Know you deserve quality time with yourself. Find Joy in the Journey!

Letting Go of Mistakes

We have all made mistakes, live with some degree of regret. But it seems the older I get the easier I recover from a mistake. I think this means finally, finally I am learning.
When you’re young it seems you have to make the same mistake, or one similar to it, at least a few times until you finally realize that just isn’t working. The next time you recognize it a little sooner, and over time you get closer to the understanding it is a mistake before you even make it.
And doesn’t it seem like no one else wants to learn from your mistakes? You can try to tell someone ‘hey, don’t do that’ or ‘that way really doesn’t work’, and even, ‘been there, done that’. But despite all those great words of wisdom they go and make their own mistakes.
In my early mistakes it seemed like the regret and mad at myself stage would last forever. But as the years passed and I grew older, I learned to let go more quickly. I get mad at myself, admit I have been a very big idiot, and let it go knowing I was learning a valuable lesson one more time in this fabulous journey of life.
I've learned to make choices from the gut and the heart, not the mind. We were born with instinct and insight and knowing from God. His gift to us, so why not use it? He'd created that gift and bestowed it upon us, so therefore He was already way smarter than we are. So why wouldn’t I let Him and His helpers, the Angels, Masters, and Guides steer me to the easier path? Yep, they're way smarter than me, way wiser, and much more compassionate too.
Now I focus on trying not to forget I have God’s help with me at all times. 

A Need for Church

10.10.10 (Cool, huh?)
Sierra’s color was much better this weekend. Last week I sensed her aura was off, not dark but not quite as bright as it usually is. I asked her if she hadn’t been to church lately and she admitted she hadn’t. I urged her to go. Some people need church and the fellowsip and the synergy of prayer and worship. Not so much me. I find my peace and solace in my meditation.  I find my beliefs sometimes don’t mesh with formal religion. Most of the churches, at least the ones I’ve attended over the years, don’t seem to grasp there is only One. Whether He, or She, is called God, Allah, the Great Creator, or whatever other name he might be known by, He is just One. I find joy in communicating with whatever face He is wearing at the time. I feel Him in the air I breathe, the smile in my grandchild’s eye.  I sense Him in the breeze that touches my skin, and see Him in the clouds in the sky.
But if I do feel the need for church and solace it offers, I usually attend this great one in Nampa called the Church of the Rock. I love the Reverand there and the unique way he blends humor with the message of God’s love. I find it a church with no judgement, only acceptance. Sometimes I need to go there because I’ve been around too much negativity and I need to clear my senses with the bright colors of love and compassion.

My First Ghost

Journeled January 22, 2006
Darlene had been feeling a negative energy in the house she’d just rented and had called Susan to see what could be done. Susan invited me along. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When we entered I saw a shadow skirt along the wall and as we went upstairs I felt a heaviness or pressure in my head. I followed this feeling into Darlene’s son’s room. I felt a very negative energy, a gray hovering, as I sat on the floor, as did Susan. I closed my eyes, sensing a man’s energy layered with much sadness and sorrow. He’d been mean during his life, especially to his son. His spirit was still trying to find the boy even after too many years, to explain how very sorry he was. So much unfinished business. So much guilt and regrets. He had died quickly from a stroke, or aneurysm, and didn’t feel worthy enough to cross into Heaven. In life he had done his best to make sure his son’s life was as miserable and abusive as his own had been.
His sorrow and pain spread out to fill me until I found it hard to breathe and Susan had to remind to take a breath. We breathed for a while using the Buddhist practice of Ton glen, bringing the negative feelings inside, accepting, then transforming them with love and light and releasing them back into the atmosphere as positive loving energy. And in my mind I told this poor man, who’s name I thought was Gareth, to please cross over. God loved him and he was worthy and welcome in Heaven. And only when he crossed would he understand why he had written this pain in his chart, what lessons he had been here to learn.
A beautiful and warm purple color, an energy actually, because it pulsed with life, surrounded Gareth and filled him with deep love and compassion, welcoming his spirit home. His wife was waiting, as was his son.
I cried. It was an awesome and profound experience. I was honored to help.

Going God's Way

Journeled July 9, 2004
What do I have to lose by going it God’s way, I wondered? I’ve been going it my way for a long time now and where has it gotten me? Into bankruptcy, out of a job, married and divorced more than once, to mention just a few. How could going it God’s way make it any worse? It couldn’t. And I was tired of being pushed to the extreme limit of positive thinking! I didn’t want doubts and fears intruding on my days and nights and thoughts. It was time I tried something different. I would trust and believe and know my life is how I charted it, a contract with God if you will, and I’d already promised to handle it.
But it’s hard sometimes

Letting Go of Regrets

If I should die today would I die with regrets? A few maybe, but I have honestly come to terms with many of the mistakes I've made. They were lessons to be learned and I forgave myself, and others. There are some that were harder to understand than others, and a few I'm still working through. But I've learned from them all. And most importantly I've learned about me. The more I learn about who I am, the more I devoted to finding the positive in almost any situation, the happier I became. The happier I become, the closer I feel to God, the Universe, the Oneness of it all. I like how I feel these days.
Oh, sometimes I'll slip and allow circumstances to rule my emotions until I remembe two things. I charted this lifetime as I had many others and God will continue to love me no matter what. He wants what I want for me, a joyful life. And I've come to understand that sometimes you have to experience the negative to experience that positive joy.
I find joy in so much. I really try to stop and smell the flowers despite how busy life seems to get. I love looking at the sky, day or night, and just imagining its awesome vastness. And I really really enjoy my morning's first cup of coffee! I find such deep pleasure just being in the company of my loved ones and close circle of friends. Because I am a sensitive and empath, I feel their hurts deeply, but their smiles and joy also reach the very center of my heart.
And I can't begin to escribe the totally cool, completely awesome feeling that comes over me when I do a reading for someone, the connection to Spirit, the undescribeable depth of love I feel, the humbling of it all. I am truly blessed.

Spiritual Teachers

When I first awakened to my spiritual journey, I wasn't quite sure what to do next. I finally realized there was more to life than what I'd been experiencing, but just was it I was missing? I deeply love my sons and their families. I care tremendously for my family and friends. I had a job and a roof over my head and I didn't go hungry. I felt like I almost had it all. But something was missing and I was now awake and aware of that fact.
I had all these thoughts running around in my head after TJ's visit and the great burst of awareness it brought, but didn't have a clue what to do with it all. I needed more and I found it with a great deal of help from Susan. I met her not long after TJ's visit when I stopped into Crone's Cupboard to have a tarot reading. Since then she's been guiding me with insight, wisdom, and a whole lot of compassion. I think of her as my spiritual mentor. I have come to believe that when we have a need, such as mine for guidance to learn, grow, and develope spirutally, the Universe will find a way to bring you the teacher. I have come to know that we have many teachers come into our lives, some for a very brief time and with their job done, the lesson brought to you that it was time for you to learn over, they seem to ease out of your life. And then there are the teachers that stay because their job is never done and they become friends and you come to realize that this is probably not the first lifetime you've experienced together.
I have Susan and I am blessed.

Making Memories

We never really forget anything, we just don't consciously remember everything. You don't think about the kids in your first grade class all those years ago. You don't think about what you had for dinner even two months ago, and you barely remember that fender bender you were in a year ago. There's lots and lots of stuff that's buried somewhere in our vast mind, there if we need it but mainly forgotten. We tend to be more concerned with the day to day things, like what's for dinner, should I clean the bathroom or watch my favorite TV show tonight, and, or course, checking the email. But every now and then you take a moment and pull out a special memory and relive it in your mind and it becomes real again. You remember and bring that special feeling alive again. I just made a new one of those times to remember.
It was one evening this past week and my sister was visiting from Ohio. Diane, myself, and our sister-in-law decided to drive into the foothills and away from the city lights to look at the stars. It was a nice late summer evening, still warm outside, and the city lights did look beautiful as we drove out of town and up to the higher elevation. The windows were down and a cd was playing. We talked a little, but mostly just watched the night settle in and the stars peek out.
I pulled off the road around a curve that blocked the valley below and we stepped out into the darkness. The crickets and night insects sounded loud in the quiet around us. You could smell the dust and the scent of sage in the air. A bright half moon shone overhead surrounded by God's most beautiful stars. We stood on that quiet mountain road, in the moonlight, under the stars, and with the song "Spirit In The Sky" playing in the background, we danced.
It is a memory I cherish and one I will pull out and relive often.

A Visit

Sept. 9, 2004
I took a break at work and walked outside for awhile. I saw a spirit hovering nearby, a vibrating orange-red glow. I felt he was Lyle's brother Kenny. How? I don't know how, I just did. I heard him say, "Tell Lyle that Karen (Lyle's wife) looks pretty in pink. She is beautiful on the inside and out."
Of course I didn't rush right inside and tell Lyle I was talking to his dead brother as I took a walk around the parking lot! Geez, did these spirits think I was crazy??? Well, once again I was to be taught a lesson, I was to be shown to trust this Gift from Spirit.
Lyle went to lunch. When he returned his wife was with him, and guess what, she had on a beautiful pink top! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I gathered my courage and followed Lyle into his office and proceeded to tell him about the visit from his brother. He teared up, telling me that Kenny used to always tell him how lucky he was because Karen was beautiful on the inside and out. I could hear Kenny telling me "I told you so."
I cried because once again I doubted and once again Spirit validated. I am blessed.
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