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Meeting Vulture

I journeyed and asked Spirit for help and guidance, to learn how to make path I was on go more smoothly, to learn what I needed to allow my readings for people be more accurate, more compassionate, more intuitive. I was suddenly at the waterfall and my animal totem, Bear, was there. We visited and he told me that he would always be there for me, but sometimes one needed guidance from a different direction and I was to meet a new guide. Who? I wondered and was told to have patience. I waited, curbing my impatience, or trying to, and allowed my eyes to scan the area, searching for my new Spirit guardian. I understood, somehow I just knew, that the daily exercise and meditation, the commitment to live a more peaceful and compassionate life, the desire to help others, had brought me to a shift in the direction of my life. Change was good, I knew. It allowed one to grow, evolve, to learn from our choices and decisions and move forward, to positive and better. Suddenly a large bird appeared overhead, its wingspan huge, creating a shadow over my head. Vulture. I had seen him once before and after the sighting my life changed dramatically. It was about to again. Vulture’s appearance signaled purification. Death and Rebirth. Big change. A new relationship between Spirit and me. A deeper understanding of the bigger picture. I suddenly felt a throbbing, a light tightening between my brows, at my third eye. I told myself it was ok to let go, to just relax and let go, to trust Spirit. And I was floating through a maze of stars. It went on and on to maybe forever. I could see the web of life, the cosmic web, that intricate, beautiful, awesome connection between all. We are all connected and there is only One.

After my Journey I pulled a few cards from my Shaman Tarot deck. I pulled the 5 of Cups, represented by the Earthworm, and indicating working old ground. Since it was in the past position I understood that’s what all the remembering, reflecting, and finally rejecting old memories and hurts. I was working through old ground. Now it was time to move forward.
I then pulled the Tower card, representing in this deck by the Vulture, signifying life, death, rebirth and new vision. And the final card I pulled was the Queen of Cups, represented by Cricket, and signifying intuition and power of Belief.

I was stunned by the Synchronicity and the working of Spirit. I gave thanks for the fantastic journey.

(July 28, 2010)

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