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The Big Dream


The journey was powerful. I began by sitting on Boulder near the waterfall. It was snowing, really snowing. It had never snowed when I journeyed before. The snow was covering everything in a blanket of pure white. It was beautiful and I wasn't cold. Weird. Boulder advised me to welcome the change, to absorb the beauty of change. I noticed the river was bigger and wider between here and the waterfall. Go on, Boulder said, there is still a path, just a different path. I found the path and walked back to the waterfall, along different ground but I wasn't scared. The waterfall was bigger and wider, extending along the cliff-side. The falls sparkled like rainbow gemstones in the sunlight. White flakes fell gently around me as Bear approached. We wrestled playfully for a few moments, happy to see one another again. Unicorn flew in, blue tipped wings fluttering softly, blue eyes alight with welcome and joy. For awhile I just stood quietly between my friends, absorbing the love and beauty around me. A large bird flew in and landed close by. A bird of many colored feathers. She was colorful, playful and free. Allow the Universe to supply abundantly, she preened. Welcome the prosperity. Receive gracefully. Be abundant in your gratefulness. Buffalo thundered in, ready and willing to help. I had so much support. Remember your dream, they advised. The Big Dream. Remember and study your dream. 

I did. Suddenly and vividly as if I were in the midst of the dream once again. Spider, big, black and hairy, no, huge, black and hairy had hold of my leg and was about to devour me. I screamed and cried out for help. I knew I would die but I worried about the children around me. There were many, of all different ages and sizes. One in particular caught my eye, an adorable baby girl. I felt a connection at once, as I looked into her smiling eyes. She rolled over and I saw her turtle back. She was a turtle baby. What did it mean, I wondered. Study and learn, my animal guides advised. 

I found myself back on boulder. I'm changed. I'm different, I said. Not at the core of you, he reminded me. There, you are still who you were even eons ago. Remember the love, God's love. I felt so at peace.

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