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The Mantis, the Antelope & the Owl


It was an eventful day as far as Spirit offering guidance, if only I would see it. The first was the Praying Mantis I saw on the window seal at work. She was quite large and gazing out the window glass. I wondered what did she see? Mantis can reveal secrets unknown to guide you through life. Resting in her prayer-like attitude she indicates seeking the stillness found through meditation can bring clarity, even prophecy, to your future. Showing up as my Guide she cautions beauty and ugliness is only skin deep. Look carefully below the surface, to the behavior, not the appearance. Something to think about.

The next guidance came from Antelope. On a short drive outside of town I spotted him grazing on a hillside. He raised his head, seemed to look right at me, and calmly went back to eating the short grass. Antelope can see a great distance. His pronghorns speak of an opening to intuition and awareness. His large eyes allow for a wide angle of vision. His message speaks of psychic abilities, awareness, clarity. New opportunities tend to show up when Antelope appears. Opportunities to grow quickly with little effort. Interesting.

Up next came Owl. The magnificent and powerful Owl. I'd just pulled out a chair and sat down in this clearing I'd pulled into. The sun was just setting. The sky the most glorious painting of colors. I was awed. And overhead circling was Owl. It wasn't a quick flight and disappearance. He soared above my head for several minutes, coming closer, circling out. I was unable to take my eyes off his magnificent flight. Owl holds many meanings, from magic, omens, and of course great wisdom, to healing and even death depending on the individual's understanding and awareness of the message received. To me, Owl is one of the most powerful totems. I get a great sense of healing when he shows up in my life. The first time was just four years ago after the birth of my granddaughter. The first time he brought great hope and healing. I trust he will do the same now. He stayed long and circled often, and when he did fly away he came back. And did so again. I thought about the struggles so many of my loved ones were experiencing just now and I prayed, no I knew, Owl was the fore-runner of great healing. For us all. 

I gave great thanks to God, the Universe, and all its glorius guides for this great blessing. I drove home with peace in my heart.

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