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Discovering Angels


                                                                                     Discovering Angels

Angels. I know they've always been around me but when did I begin to really be aware of them? Actually communicate with them? Use their guidance in my life?
I really began working with the angels almost thirteen years ago, shortly after my nephew's death. It was gradual for me, a small urge to explore, to read about Spirit and the Angels and Guides. To discover and learn. What, I wasn't sure, I just knew I wanted something more. I read various books by different authors, different perspectives on life and death. I did what we should all do when growing and learning, take what's true for you, absorb what resonates in your heart and your gut, and discard the rest. Everyone is different and learns and absorbs in their own way. No one way is right, no one way is wrong. 
Once you ask for help from Spirit be ready to hear their guidance in the various ways and signs it comes through. Allow yourself to imagine or visualize what an Angel looks like to you. Does he or she come to you in a physical form? Or is it a feeling, a subtle shift in your thinking? Or a warm soft light? They are your Angels. They can come through in whatever sign you're most comfortable with. When you're relaxed and aware you will know. Allow them in. Enjoy their presence. Absorb their love and compassion. 
I first became aware of Dagan, one of several Angels I communicate with on a regular basis, on Halloween more than 12 years ago, just before six in the evening. I'd just shut down my computer at work, readying to leave for the day, when the phone rang. I really didn't want to answer it but the manager was still there! It was a man wanting to make an appointment to bring his car in for service. I booted up the computer, made him an appointment, and left the shop a few minutes later than I normally do. On my normal route home there'd been a bad accident at an intersection now swarming with police and ambulances and wrecked vehicles. I pulled over to the side of the road and cried. 
I knew without knowing just how I knew that I'd have been smack dab in the middle of all that if I'd left work on time. I was overwhelmed and eternally grateful for Mr. Dagan Fluke for saving my life by needing an oil change for his car. I drove home and then gave out candy to trick or treaters with a thoroughly grateful heart. 
I really wasn't suprised when Mr. Fluke didn't show up for his appointment the next day. I just knew it was no coincidence his calling at the particular time. I just knew it. And now I had to learn what to do with that knowledge. 
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