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Merry Christmas 2016

Dec. 24, 2016

With the end of the year approaching I see many people looking back, re-evaluating, reassessing, rethinking the past year.  Doing our would have, could have, should haves. And I pray we all can find some positive from the lessons  experienced.

Many lessons are hard. Difficult times where you stumble and fall. But you get back up and you put one foot in front of the other and move forward. You keep getting back up and you keep moving forward until you've made yourself into the best you can be. Until the best of you is what you see when you look in a mirror. Until  you understand, love and respect who you see when you look in that mirror. You just keep picking yourself up and moving forward til you get there. 

I'm wishing you the happiest of holidays, the merriest Christmas, and many many blessings in the coming year. 

Spread the Happy!

Sept. 25,2016

You aren't happy. When I look at your face I see a beautiful but unhappy young woman. It makes me unhappy to see you unhappy. See how that works? You get back what you give out.  Why not give out happy? If you did everyone who loves you would be so happy for you, then that happy would spread to the people who love them who are happy to see them happy, then it spreads again and again. There'd be too much happy going around to be contained. That's how it works. And it all starts with you. Find a reason to be happy, about something, anything, yourself, someone else, but find a reason every day. Make it a life priority. It's that important, that vital with your well being. You are the creator of your life. Create a happy one. Take charge. Be responsible for the life you live. Create the happy. Spread the joy. 

Love is the Answer


Love is the answer, the only answer when voicing a difference of opinion, disciplining a child, or trying to reason with a rebellious teen or a disgruntled spouse. Words spoken lovingly, and with compassion and acknowledgement of another's feelings are much easier to hear, and give, when stemming from love. Love of another spiritual being having a human experience, making human mistakes. Be kind. Be loving. Be grateful for the experience.

One Day at a Time


One day at a time, one healthy positive choice at a time. You did the best you could with who you were at the time. You'll do better with who you are now and who you have yet to be. It's a lifelong process. A process you charted. Because you had stuff to overcome, lessons to learn, growth to experience. So for now, take it one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow until it's here. That is soon enough. And in the future when you get the day to day stuff under control, then it's time to think ahead on goals you want to achieve. But sometimes all you can do is take it one day at a time.

The Mantis, the Antelope & the Owl


It was an eventful day as far as Spirit offering guidance, if only I would see it. The first was the Praying Mantis I saw on the window seal at work. She was quite large and gazing out the window glass. I wondered what did she see? Mantis can reveal secrets unknown to guide you through life. Resting in her prayer-like attitude she indicates seeking the stillness found through meditation can bring clarity, even prophecy, to your future. Showing up as my Guide she cautions beauty and ugliness is only skin deep. Look carefully below the surface, to the behavior, not the appearance. Something to think about.

The next guidance came from Antelope. On a short drive outside of town I spotted him grazing on a hillside. He raised his head, seemed to look right at me, and calmly went back to eating the short grass. Antelope can see a great distance. His pronghorns speak of an opening to intuition and awareness. His large eyes allow for a wide angle of vision. His message speaks of psychic abilities, awareness, clarity. New opportunities tend to show up when Antelope appears. Opportunities to grow quickly with little effort. Interesting.

Up next came Owl. The magnificent and powerful Owl. I'd just pulled out a chair and sat down in this clearing I'd pulled into. The sun was just setting. The sky the most glorious painting of colors. I was awed. And overhead circling was Owl. It wasn't a quick flight and disappearance. He soared above my head for several minutes, coming closer, circling out. I was unable to take my eyes off his magnificent flight. Owl holds many meanings, from magic, omens, and of course great wisdom, to healing and even death depending on the individual's understanding and awareness of the message received. To me, Owl is one of the most powerful totems. I get a great sense of healing when he shows up in my life. The first time was just four years ago after the birth of my granddaughter. The first time he brought great hope and healing. I trust he will do the same now. He stayed long and circled often, and when he did fly away he came back. And did so again. I thought about the struggles so many of my loved ones were experiencing just now and I prayed, no I knew, Owl was the fore-runner of great healing. For us all. 

I gave great thanks to God, the Universe, and all its glorius guides for this great blessing. I drove home with peace in my heart.

I Open My Heart


I open my heart to love
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to joy
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to kindness
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to acceptance
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to love
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to hurt
I open my heart to life
I open my heart to pain
I open my heart to life
I open myself to love
I open myself to life.

Living Healthy


We are all going to die someday. That's an absolute. How we walk the journey and in what shape we arrive at that final destination is totally up to us. We charted our end date and allowed for lots of options and many choices between birth and then. You can cross over to the Other Side feeling good about life and yourself. Or you can arrive there sick and miserable from doing all that you shouldn't like smoking and drinking and drugs and eating junk food and not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep. Your choice. Your journey. You create the
life you live with your thoughts and feelings and actions.
I needed this reminder. I choose to live healthier!

Don't Let Happiness Befuddle You!


Don’t let happiness befuddle you. Don’t question it like is this for real, what have I done to deserve this, can I trust what I’m feeling? Instead just snap it up! Claim it for yourself. Just allow yourself to embrace the feeling of happiness. Whether it comes from something big like a new house or a new job, or from something more basic like being happy it didn't rain last night because you're sleeping outside in the elements, to something in between like being happy to have a job, a place to sleep, and food to eat. Or perhaps you feel the happiness in a rainbow, or the softly falling snow, or even a hot cup of coffee. Whatever,whenever, don’t let the happiness befuddle you. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Happiness is yours for the taking. Find it in the big and the small, in the giving and the taking, in all of life, in every day. Embrace the joy of just living. And if for some reason you find it impossible to find one thing to be happy about at this time, then pretend as if….behave as if…believe as if….until you do.  

Shower It Away!


I thought someone was going to have to come and drag me out of the shower, but eventually the water turned cold. I stood under the warm spray of water and just imagined the negativity being washed away. I imagined any angers and fears I was holding onto being cleansed from my body and mind. I closed my eyes and saw the gray of negativity going down the drain. I felt lighter, brighter, as I released the irritations, annoyances, and resentments I felt for anybody or anything at any time including now. And that’s when I thought someone would have to drag me from the shower, it felt so good I didn’t want to leave. But the water got cold. 

The cleansing shower spray is just one exercise I use to release tension and negativity. It's easy and it works! Shower it away today!



Be honest, especially with yourself. Be accountable for your thoughts and actions, especially  with yourself. If you say you're going to do something, then do it. Don't lie even to yourself, especially to yourself. Keep your thoughts positive and true to create a positive and true life. You are your thoughts. You're thoughts are what you allow them to be. Keep them positive, happy and true to attract positive, happy and true! I know, easier said than done, right? But it does get easier with time, with practice, with are a spiritual being having a human experience, deep down in your memories you are positive, happy and true. Practice brings  awareness. Awareness brings love and compassion and you remember you are a spiritual being. You are all that is positive, happy and true. 



I am young. I am eternity. When I realized the enormity of that concept, I understood I would never grow old. No matter what, I would never not be. It boggles the mind! And if that was the case, there had to be more to my existence than this life at this time on this planet in this Universe. Right? Just had to be more. Eternity was forever. It was never ending. What did I do before I was me in this lifetime? As far as I could remember, I had only existed for 62 years. That was far short of eternity. Who was I? Where had I been before? And what would I do, be, experience, after this particular lifetime ended? 

Embrace the Change

Nov. 23, 2014

Some things just come to an end. They just end. It hurts sometimes when you are going through the transition, hurts bad, but you get through it, you move on, you learn and grow from the experience. That is life. Things end. Things begin. One cycle stops and another begins. All parts and cycles of this journey called life. As you become aware of the cycles and transitions in your journey, you don't worry or fear the changes as much. Some things, careers, relationships, even dreams were meant to last forever. Others were. All life. It doesn't mean some things were wrong to start with, but with time and growth life happens and things change. Embrace the change. The only constant in life is change.

Self-forgiveness Again


Healing starts with self-forgiveness. Most hurt and anger come from a need to forgive oneself. Not the horrific pain of being a victim of violence and abuse, or that of losing a loved one, but the hurt and pain that results from our everyday life and choices. Even if we don't feel at fault in that instance, we question ourselves. Was I too harsh? Was I not understanding or compassionate enough? Was I too quick to judge? Too slow to forgive? Was I holding onto some perverse need for retaliation or vengeance? Until we can forgive ourselves and our human emotions we can't begin to heal. Try it: allow yourself to love yourself, allow yourself to forgive yourself, allow yourself to heal.

Choosing to be Happy


Even in the worst of times, there comes a point where you become aware you grow tired of not being happy, won’t there? At that point you choose to be happy. Every day you find some reason, no matter how small it might be, to feel happy about. And you do that every day until one day you suddenly realize you are happy. And you admit you like the feeling. So you choose to stay happy. And you consciously make that choice until it becomes a way of life. And you learn to recognize the red flags to unhappiness and you choose not to go that route. You like where you are. You pay attention. You notice the signs, the synchronicities, the sheer joy of life. You learn to listen to the help: your guides, your angels, your instinct. And you choose to be happy. 
Sometimes it’s hard, but aren’t most things worth having deserving of the extra effort? 
Choose to be happy. 
It’s life. 

Appreciate the Cook

I drove through a fast food joint for lunch, then later went out for a fairly nice dinner. As I sat there waiting to be served I realized how important it was to me to eat someone else’s cooking. Whether it was grabbing a quick sandwich for lunch, or sitting down to dinner at a place with linen napkins, the food was important to me. Whether I was eating it just to get something inside me, or whether I was savoring every bite, I realized I wanted and needed someone else to cook for me at different times.
I truly appreciate cooks.
Especially the Big Cook, the Original Cook, the One who started this recipe of life. The One who keeps adding ingredients, and taking away others, and sometimes even changing the recipe completely until I’m starting over from scratch. The Great Cook who keeps my life spicey and sweet and yes, pretty sour at times. It’s a flavorful stew I’m living in and I’ve learned to appreciate that.
So I honor the Great Cook of all things. And I humbly express my appreciation.
And I appreciate all the cooks He created.
Thank you.

Agree to Disagree

For days, no weeks now, this song keeps going through my head. Probably because so many people I‘ve talked to lately have conflicts going in their lives. Most are disagreements over choices one made in the past that the other still doesn't agree with. So this song pops in my head, don’t remember who sang it, but these words seem to sum things up.
There ain’t no good guys
There ain't no bad guys
There’s only you and me
And we just disagree.
And you know what? That's really all right. It's all right to have a different opinion, a different way of looking at the same situation.
When I find myself in a discussion over a choice I’d made, I understand you may not see it my way. I understand you might totally disagree with my way of thinking. But I’m still entitled to my point of view. As are you. That doesn't make you right. It doesn’t make me wrong. It just makes us different. I understand that even if you could sway me to your way of thinking with these discussions, it doesn’t really matter.
The past can not be changed.
The choice was made and its done. Would I make the same choice now with the perspective and understanding I have now? Maybe not. But maybe I would.  So I accept the decision and the consequences and move on from it.
It's really the only choice there is.
The past can not be changed.
Agree to disagree and move on. Life changes. Life flows. Life’s constantly moving. Getting stuck on one issue inhibits your flow, builds a dam, and breaks down growth.
Agree to disagree.
And really mean it.
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