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New Years

Feel Your Guidance

Goodbye 2012! What a year, huh? A tumultuous, volatile year for many, some close to me, others I don't even know. Someone told me it was a year of releasing and I could see that. Family disagreements escalated to volcanic eruptions. Mother Earth released her upsets with earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and droughts. People just didn't seem to like people, yet so many were searching for the one true love. It was a very conflicting, confusing, yet oddly clarifying year. I know I worked through some issues, and believe I learned from them. Because that's our job here on earth, all of us, to experience, then learn and grow from those experiences into loving, compassionate human beings. And it's not always easy to be loving and compassionate when you see all the destruction and violence and pain and abuse going on all around you. In fact it's very hard most of the time. But I've learned it is easier when I feel and follow my guidance.
Some people call it instinct, gut feeling, others their voice or that whisper in their ear, I call it My Guidance from God that makes life easier...if I listen to it. I am much better at listening than I used to be when I all but blocked it completely out while going about living my life and making my mistakes. Eventually I got tired of making the mistakes, especially similar ones over and over, and I began to study and learn what my Guidance from God was trying to tell me, whether through it came through my guides and the Angels in the form of instinct, gut feeling, or a voice in my head that sounded like me but wasn't. I learned and appreciated the difference guidance made in my life. And I finally admitted that I wasn't smart enough, brave enough, or stupid enough to keep stumbling along on this journey as I had been. I gratefully accepted the help from Spirit, those wiser, smarter, and more loving and compassionate than me.
So I say goodbye to 2012 remembering the many blessings I'd gotten this year, and letting go of any disappointments and fear.
And there are some things that hurt and confuse more than others and I spend this day remembering also the children of Newton, Conn and their loved ones with this poem:
You were here such a short time before you left
But you left great memories of time well spent
Memories of laughter and joy and tears
As you lived and grew through those way too short years
A lifetime of memories it turns out now
A lifetime of memories in just a short while
They will see you again, someday, somehow
They will see you again....just not now.
Rest In Peace

2011 Bring it on!

I brought in the new year very quietly this year with silence and retrospection.
Though at times I wasn’t aware of it, my spirit has been processing my growth this past year, evaluating my setbacks, and encouraging me to keep moving on. And honestly, what other choice do I have? The journey is what the journey is.
It has been a remarkable year though. I was privileged to help many people find comfort, guidance, and hope with my readings. And I was grateful and honored to deliver Spirit’s messages. I am also thankful for the excitement and inspiration I feel with every reading, the sense of love I feel on a daily basis from Spirit.
I felt all tingly on 1.1.11. And still do. What a powerful date, a powerful number. One. New beginnings, transformation, rebirth, change. Welcome, and frightening, at the same time. Then I looked at the full date: 01.01.2011. Added up to a six, another powerful number. The Lovers card in the Tarot deck. The union of opposites. The bringing together of light and dark, outside and within, the physical and spiritual. A commitment.
I feel an eventful, altering year coming up. I know I want to be awake, aware, and in tune with it. Bring it on!
How about you?
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