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Journey to Be


I journeyed. I found myself sitting cross-legged in a meadow, glorious colored flowers all around me. I could hear a brook flowing nearby. I felt myself grounded to Mother Earth, yet open to the Heavens above. I was all of one, I was one of all. I drifted and found myself at the entrance to the canyon leading to the waterfall. As I started down the path, Eagle swooped me up. I hung on tightly as we flew from earth to sky, to midnight stars and glowing worlds. Imagine. Trust. Embrace. Believe. You have no limits. Soar. The guidance and love flowed around me and through me. Believe. We settled at the top of the waterfall gazing around at the glorious landscape, the deep canyon walls, the pockets of green growth and wildflowers, the sparkle of the waterfall in the sunlight. Suddenly, and without fear, I dove over the side of the waterfall into the pool below. Grandmother Turtle greeted me with her knowing gaze of wisdom. I remember other lifetimes, similar searches for guidance and wisdom. I climbed onto Boulder, closed my eyes, felt the warmth radiate from its smooth surface, and a sense that I'd been there before rose around me and in me. Trust yourself, it seemed to whisper. You know. I opened my eyes and Bear was beside me with welcome, acceptance and love in his eyes. Then suddenly Cobra burst forth and sprung from the water and I knew change was coming. I knew to let go of fear and accept. I was reminded I was a Spiritual Being having a human experience and sometimes that experience sucked, sometimes it was wonderfully special. The time to let go of the old and unneeded was here. It was time to embrace the change. To grow, to learn, to be.

A Journey

A Journey from 07.14.2010

I finished my yoga then put Brooke Medicine Eagle’s cd in and danced to a couple of songs. I stayed in the moment really feeling the energy of the deep yoga breathing and the flow of the music around and inside me. I burned some sage and honored the four directions--north, south, east and west==and the above, below and within. I asked Spirit, and my angels and my guides to accompany  me during my journey. I put in my drumming cd:

Almost immediately I was at my sacred spot. I moved in a circle and looked all around me. I really saw the jagged canyon, the plateaus of high desert grass, and the colorful  wildflowers growing in the most unlikely places. I was drawn to Boulder and sat on his warm surface. “We've been here before,” Boulder  reminded me. “Many, many years ago.”  I was transported to the lifetime he referred to.

I killed the mammoth without hesitation, without thought because my family had to eat.  I saw myself, at the point of kill, giving thanks to Mammoth and his Spirit as he took his last breath. I was honored by his sacrifice.  “Go, “ Boulder  said, “and take my energy with you.” 

I walked along the path and spotted Raven and Crow, perched together on another large stone in a tall cliffside. The gifts of mystery and prophecy are what we offer you, they said. I could see. I could feel.   But there was so much still for  me to learn.

As I turned to walk further, Bear appeared. “Climb on,” he said and I did and we flew up and beyond to the top of the waterfall. I hugged Bear and gazed into his eyes.  “Love and compassion and family ties you draw from me. Use this power wisely.”

As a breeze blew around me I saw a man drawing closer. He had black, long dark hair and a colorful headdress. I was mesmerized and felt a bond, though I’d never seen him before.  I did not know what he wanted but I did know it would be something I needed. Love, guidance, hope, awareness. 

Suddenly a  myriad of butterflies were dancing all around me. I felt such love and acceptance. It was a great journey.

The Big Dream


The journey was powerful. I began by sitting on Boulder near the waterfall. It was snowing, really snowing. It had never snowed when I journeyed before. The snow was covering everything in a blanket of pure white. It was beautiful and I wasn't cold. Weird. Boulder advised me to welcome the change, to absorb the beauty of change. I noticed the river was bigger and wider between here and the waterfall. Go on, Boulder said, there is still a path, just a different path. I found the path and walked back to the waterfall, along different ground but I wasn't scared. The waterfall was bigger and wider, extending along the cliff-side. The falls sparkled like rainbow gemstones in the sunlight. White flakes fell gently around me as Bear approached. We wrestled playfully for a few moments, happy to see one another again. Unicorn flew in, blue tipped wings fluttering softly, blue eyes alight with welcome and joy. For awhile I just stood quietly between my friends, absorbing the love and beauty around me. A large bird flew in and landed close by. A bird of many colored feathers. She was colorful, playful and free. Allow the Universe to supply abundantly, she preened. Welcome the prosperity. Receive gracefully. Be abundant in your gratefulness. Buffalo thundered in, ready and willing to help. I had so much support. Remember your dream, they advised. The Big Dream. Remember and study your dream. 

I did. Suddenly and vividly as if I were in the midst of the dream once again. Spider, big, black and hairy, no, huge, black and hairy had hold of my leg and was about to devour me. I screamed and cried out for help. I knew I would die but I worried about the children around me. There were many, of all different ages and sizes. One in particular caught my eye, an adorable baby girl. I felt a connection at once, as I looked into her smiling eyes. She rolled over and I saw her turtle back. She was a turtle baby. What did it mean, I wondered. Study and learn, my animal guides advised. 

I found myself back on boulder. I'm changed. I'm different, I said. Not at the core of you, he reminded me. There, you are still who you were even eons ago. Remember the love, God's love. I felt so at peace.

Meeting Vulture

I journeyed and asked Spirit for help and guidance, to learn how to make path I was on go more smoothly, to learn what I needed to allow my readings for people be more accurate, more compassionate, more intuitive. I was suddenly at the waterfall and my animal totem, Bear, was there. We visited and he told me that he would always be there for me, but sometimes one needed guidance from a different direction and I was to meet a new guide. Who? I wondered and was told to have patience. I waited, curbing my impatience, or trying to, and allowed my eyes to scan the area, searching for my new Spirit guardian. I understood, somehow I just knew, that the daily exercise and meditation, the commitment to live a more peaceful and compassionate life, the desire to help others, had brought me to a shift in the direction of my life. Change was good, I knew. It allowed one to grow, evolve, to learn from our choices and decisions and move forward, to positive and better. Suddenly a large bird appeared overhead, its wingspan huge, creating a shadow over my head. Vulture. I had seen him once before and after the sighting my life changed dramatically. It was about to again. Vulture’s appearance signaled purification. Death and Rebirth. Big change. A new relationship between Spirit and me. A deeper understanding of the bigger picture. I suddenly felt a throbbing, a light tightening between my brows, at my third eye. I told myself it was ok to let go, to just relax and let go, to trust Spirit. And I was floating through a maze of stars. It went on and on to maybe forever. I could see the web of life, the cosmic web, that intricate, beautiful, awesome connection between all. We are all connected and there is only One.

After my Journey I pulled a few cards from my Shaman Tarot deck. I pulled the 5 of Cups, represented by the Earthworm, and indicating working old ground. Since it was in the past position I understood that’s what all the remembering, reflecting, and finally rejecting old memories and hurts. I was working through old ground. Now it was time to move forward.
I then pulled the Tower card, representing in this deck by the Vulture, signifying life, death, rebirth and new vision. And the final card I pulled was the Queen of Cups, represented by Cricket, and signifying intuition and power of Belief.

I was stunned by the Synchronicity and the working of Spirit. I gave thanks for the fantastic journey.

(July 28, 2010)

Spider's Message

I saw Spider. He had a message for me. I just had to figure out what it was. So I researched Spider and learned a few things. To the Native Americans, Spider is the Grandmother, the link to the past and the future.
Spider has a two section body, kind of like the figure 8 on its side, the symbol of Infinity. It teaches one that what you do now is weaving what you encounter in the future. Spider, within its web, reminds one that we all are the center of our own world, the author of our destiny, weaving it like a web by our thoughts and feelings and actions. The pattern of Spider’s web is like a central point spiraling outwards. It asks are you moving towards a goal, or are you energies and focus scattered? Are you not weaving your dreams into reality? Are you, or others around you out of balance?
As Spider walks the tiny threads of his web, he reminds us to maintain balance in our own lives as we weave our path through life.
Spider flies through skies on silken threads, knowing the time has come to expand one’s horizons. Because Spider sees the world through touch, not light, he consels one to take wisdom from that you cannot see. See the world through new eyes, a new perspective.
A lot to think about, huh?
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